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Text Box: Thanks for your help.  I marked the contract paid in full, moved it to history, deleted the history file, and proceeded with what I wanted to do. The TUG website is great.
 Judy Springer – Pan Handle Excavating
 Thanks for the response via TUG Talk concerning my problem with ODBC linking.  You were exactly right.  I had installed the patch one folder too high.  Thanks for the help. 
Vincent J. Doyle, MBA/CPA  - Morton & Pitalo, Inc.
Thanks again so very much for your valuable assistance and sharing your expertise. I verified the data in Timberline and my accounts are all updated. Have a great weekend.  Your assistance was spectacular!
Claudia Indiaan – CDC Builders
I Just wanted to say thanks for posting the tip on printing the fields from Timberline (with the ODBC information). I'm finding it very helpful. 
Jon Delano – Voltage Consulting
Thanks, I appreciate your help and expertise!
Rose Mary Van Arsdall – ICI, Inc.
What you suggested is exactly what we did.  The glitch is that the credits did not appear on the Invoices selected to pay report, so another check was printed for the distribution lines we had added.  Thanks,
Elizabeth Beckel – Oberer Companies
I think your responses are always direct and very informative; you seem to really know what you're doing... Have a great day.
Lynda Giovino – Truant Construction Managers
We were very pleased with the support we received from you
Laura Heimbach – Bovis Lend Lease
I just wanted to thank you for your suggestion on Tugweb to change from custom to standard descriptions on my Crystal Reports. Of everything I tried, that was the only thing that worked! And yours was the only response I got from anyone…even Timberline Support!      Thanks again,
Christine Flowe  Office Manager  Hoffman Building Technologies
It was great help,  I appreciate all this help  -  it's so nice to talk with someone who knows what they're talking about!!
Florence Johnson
Thank you Mike -- you had the solution. In CN I was still back in April. I had to close a month and then ta-da, everything came out right. Your posting came at just the right moment, I was getting ready to start smashing my computer.
 Michele DeGood - Blair Church & Flynn