Axium Deconversion
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Data Purification


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Does your data need translation or manipulation?

  • Adding or removing a character from the job or phase number.

  • Did you rework your system years ago, and have a mixed bag of legacy and current transactions?

  • Adding or removing a segment from the General Ledger account.

If any of the above fit your conversion, then the most efficient way to migrate your data from one system to another is "run it through a translator".  Crystal Reports is that translator.  You can purify data and rework data to match your new system.  Forget about beginning balance only conversions.  Using this technique you can convert full transactional history. Since the reports are saved, you can rerun them over and over for testing or pilot conversions.  If you translate the data in Excel, you spend all that time and have to get right the first time.  Using this method, you can do the testing many times over until the results are exactly what you want.
























Don't see your software here?  No problem, let's get it added to the list!  Data manipulation is one of my specialties.